Bungalow Point Homes
803 Fairfax St. Altoona, WI
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Design & Project Management

In-house design services.

Many people building their first home let the lumber yard design everything. But our in-house drafting service is considerably faster, and we truly value collaborating with our clients.

A lumber yard might take weeks to produce new floor plan draft, while our design lead Paul can handle revisions right away.

From sketch to reality.

Clients literally come to us with their dream home sketched onto the back of a napkin. And we love it. You never know inspiration will strike. Paul will redraw the plan (or start from scratch) and nail down the details, producing a blueprint that works.

A low-pressure situation.

At the office, we’ve created a comfortable, family-friendly environment with couches, a fireplace, food, and more. Because the very last thing we want the homebuilding process to be is intimidating.